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Whether its people, places or things, Kaminsky productions can deliver that “major market” look for every need.

Offering a full range of in-studio and on-site HD video production for commercials, presentations, sales demos, event coverage, news
b-roll and more. We have an in-house voice-over booth and Final Cut Express editing suite. Still photos can also be animated into a moving video program.

Let your projects take flight with Kaminsky Production’s FAA approved drone photography and videography services. By using our unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or drone equipment, we’ll capture stunning, one-of-a-kind, high-definition aerial photography and full motion shots from eye level to 400 feet.

Drone services are ideal for real estate, construction projects, event coverage tourism mapping, surveying, cinematography, search & rescue, city planning and marketing & advertising.

Kaminsky Productions is the only production company in the Coachella Valley that is FAA licensed to operate drones for commercial aerial photography and videography.

Watch our demo video to see the stunning sophistication only Kaminsky Productions drone services can provide.

More often than not, today, your website give your customer their very first impression of our firm. We create websites with that special wow factor that make you stand out from your competitors.



When you need to brand a product or service, not just any name or logo will do.  For example, our team created a remarkable brand for a company that produces events with a strong entertainment component: Eventertainment! 
The name says it all, in a unique and memorable way.

From brochures to billboards, from print ads to vehicle wrappers, Kaminsky Productions can create graphic solutions for all of your marketing, promotion and event needs.

Public Relations

Public Relations is an important component of an overall marketing strategy. We provide strategic advance and counsel in developing and implementing successful PR programs. 

Focus groups, one-on-one interviews, usability testing and similar primary research tools can be employed to “get inside the heads” of your key stakeholders. Research can help you fine tune your products or service value propositions, help you determine the most effective sales channels, help you find a the best tag line for your advertising and even help you uncover new business opportunities. The most successful businesses are those that listen to their customers.


StratPlan is our proprietary, hands-on, interactive experience that allows management to focus and shape business and communications initiatives into action items through a process of

    • Consensus on the organization’s goals
    • A thorough understanding of customer needs and dreams
    • Identification of mission-critical stakeholders
    • An understanding of the brand personality
    • Agreement on communications initiatives, media and methods
Throughout the workshop, participants are empowered to express ideas and opinions on how to optimize communications among customers, employees, vendors, investors, media and other important stakeholders. Though a series of proprietary exercises, customized to the needs of the organization, StratPlan follows a thorough and logical exploration of business and communications goals, bringing focus to an actionable marketing plan.

Following the workshop your facilitator and planner begins a secondary process we call The Creative Storm — a powerful assembly of the company’s StratPlan results, blended with customer insights (provided by the company or from separate research projects) and visioning from seasoned Agency professionals. Workshops are professionally moderated and (optionally) graphically recorded